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Daniel Amarilio (Resume)

A Simple Brilliant Plan

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for the Eradication of Poverty Worldwide, for The Global Solidaritization and the Strengthening of the World Peace

Daniel Amarilio (Resume)


TEL AVIV,12 Poria street Tel Aviv, 68114 , Tel. 972-3-6826 551
Fax: 972-3-6813 121, E-mail:damarilio@povertyvision.org

Amarilio has founded seven newspapers in Israel, some of which he edited himself :

1. Israel Today ( Daily - English)
2. Tribune (Daily - Russian)
3. Israel Aujourd'hui (Daily - French)
4. Israel Nachrichten (Daily - German)
5. Israelsky Far (Daily - Bulgarian)
6. Oy in Israel (Daily - Spanish )
7. Poverty World Times (Daily - English)

He as published 40 books, most of them bestsellers. At the same time he continued to learn music and voice psychology in Italy and France.

In 1961, Amarilio founded the Israel Camping and Touring Club (in Israel, today, 1.5 million Campers).He preside this Club during 15 years and represent Israel in the " La Federation Internationale de Camping et de Caravaning in Swiss.
In 1964, he organized and hosted a conference and World Rally of the International Camping and Caravaning federation at the Exhibition Gardens in Tel Aviv. The successful organization at the event earned him international prizes.
In 1970, Amarilio signed an agreement with Eurocard to operate Eurocard, Master Charge Card and other credits cards to Israel. Since the, Visa, Isracard and other credit cards have started operations.
In 1990, Amarilio started work on a simple formula to Eradicate Poverty the World over.
He founded and wrote during 5 years The Israeli Encyclopaedia for Consumers.
In 1995, Amarilio wrote his book, "Halleluya - The State of God in the City of Jerusalem." This book provides the only solution and the most likely scenario for finding a solution to the religious problem facing Israel's capital.
In 1997, his book "It is so Easy to Defeat Poverty in This World" was published. The book has been distributed worldwide amongst academics.
In 2000-2002, Amarilio promote his new ideas:

- The Internetography.
 - The World's Poor Peoples Virtual Parliament in Jerusalem.
 - The Poor Peoples Virtual Parliament of each country in the World.
 - The Poor Peoples Virtual Government of each country in the World.
 - The Virtuals Poor Peoples Cities Councils and
 - Others Poor Peoples Virtual Institutions.
 - The PovertyVision.org. The Poverty-online.com. The PovertyVision.com, and others
 - The First Poverty Daily Newspaper in the World - The Poverty World Times.
 - The Global Solidaritization: The Amarilio plan to Defeat Poverty in This World

In 2000, Amarilio wrote his three books " 999 Hints to a Golden Life " - Trilogy. At the same time he presented a Plan to save hundreds of millions of children from death of hunger.

Amarilio has written 12,000 major articles (360 books) on a variety of topics: economics, sociology, politics, media, human relations, and so forth.

He is unmatched in his proliferation of articles by any journalist.

Well known professors and sociologists began to adopt his innovative and very simple economic plan for solution of the World's Poverty Problem.

Chaoul Maizlish - journalist