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Daniel Amarilio (Resume)

A Simple Brilliant Plan

The Work Teams


For the Eradication of Poverty Worldwide
and Strengthening of Peace and of Democracy


"Every moment that a poor person dies of hunger somewhere in the world, I die with him -"
Daniel Amarilio


The Amarilio Plan will allow every country in the world to produce a very simple product on an exclusive basis, without interfering with its current, industrial manufacture, and market it to six billion consumers worldwide.

Only one, simple and easily operated plan, that does not contain metaphysical and imaged elements, can spell the kiss of death for the poverty and accompanying side effects that pervade the world.

The Amarilio Plan is different and contrasts with all the current theories and methods on the subject, and in contrast to all the political and social solutions proposed until now. The Amarilio Plan will not ask that the rich countries increase their aid to the poorer nations, but on the contrary, they will be required to cancel it (since their assistance is what damages the weaker nations because of their routine dependence on this aid, which results in even more poverty rather than its eradication.

Similarly, the plan will not ask governments of the wealthier countries to increase their aid to the weaker countries, which requires major resources and is impossible.

There will also be no need to invest billions of dollars in developing the natural and underground resources of the countries concerned, since not all countries have them.

The content of the Amarilio Plan is simplicity itself; which, indeed, may be the reason why all of the economic and political brains have overlooked it for such a long time.

How deep are the roots of evil and darkness. Is it not possible to cure and rehabilitate them?

When the Amarilio Plan, a simple plan for the eradication of poverty worldwide, was established, this thought was its basis, with its importance to mankind as a whole, not just to a section of mankind but to people everywhere, the world over.

There are currently very few countries in the world that exclusively make a product that they export to other countries. The existing method enables every country to produce and to import those products that they require. This method will not change in the future and will be the basis for world trade. The wealthy countries with their wealthy populations must express an interest in transforming the poor sectors to middle-class and wealthy so that they will develop better purchasing power which will, in turn, make a faster contribution to the development of commerce and industry.

The Amarilio Plan takes nothing away from the richer countries or the wealthy people and does not oppose them. On the contrary, it's aim is will also strengthen the wealthy.

There is no requirement to analyze the current methods for fighting the war against poverty. They have no connection with the Amarilio Plan. The plan bears no similarity to anything that is, or has been done in the war against poverty until now.

This is completely new idea. It requires just one thing: the goodwill of everyone, which is the key ingredient for the realization of the plan.

Amarilio has built his plan based on three uncontestable facts:

  • 1. Mankind consists of 6 billion people.
  • 2. Mankind occupies 249 countries.
  • 3. Mankind consumes millions of different types of products daily, weekly, monthly, annually.

Because of these facts, a huge system has been developed, which includes manufacturers, agents, salespersons, transportation agents, and all the other service providers and traders, who invest billions of dollars in sales campaigns and competition among themselves.

This is the way things work in economics, and in democratic societies: they come, they go!

This is what free-market economics is all about.

The Amarilio Plan is in no way designed to impinge on the free economy or democratic society in any way whatsoever. On the contrary, it will strengthen them.

Man is born clean and pure, not only religiously speaking (circumcision and ritual immersion). He is also pure in terms of the location in which he is born. For a baby is born where his mother, his parent, gives birth to him. It is not something he can choose, nor is there any way to determine where he will be born. What crime has the Habashi or Sudani child committed that he is born where he is born, in a country rampant with poverty and dereliction, to poor parents, and is destined to die from hunger, dehydration and epidemics, where his parents have no capacity to organize or for whatever other reason, feed him with the food that is received as aid from wealthy countries? What crime has the newborn infant committed to be born into the family of Prince Rainier, the Prince of Monaco? (What is it that makes him a royal infant from his first breath outside of his mother's womb, born into wealth and cared for in the best style)? This truth applies throughout the social hierarchy and strengthens the fact of the initial injustice into which man is born.

It would seem that every person in the world could be born into totally different conditions, in different countries, different families and into a different social and cultural environment. The rich infants do not regret that they were born where they were born, but what about the poor infants…?

If mankind can understand this primary, basic injustice, it can much more easily adopt the Amarilio Plan to battle this injustice, and the war against poverty and all its ramifications.

If mankind can understand this problem, it will be able to solve it more easily, not only in global terms but also on a local level, in every country individually.

Mankind is currently in a very sick state, and in order for it not to have to hang onto life with the help of intense and sophisticated "medical care," it wastes its enormous resources on social "assistance" and other elements, in the development of underground and natural resources, without that solving, in any way, the painful problem of poverty and its murderous results.

"Any product, even one with secondary importance, is worth more in financial terms, than oil, gold or diamonds".

Mankind currently manufactures millions of products, freely, and in accordance with its propensity to produce.

Imagine a scenario where every country would be able to exclusively produce one or more products selected in advance, by a world center for the fight against poverty and its tragic consequences, and all the revenues from these exclusive products would be dedicated to the annihilation of poverty and its consequences in the country where the exclusive is produced.

Because nature has given few countries an unjustified wealth of natural resources, and by doing so, has made some countries wealthy while the majority have remained poor, mankind can correct this distortion by allocating every country with its exclusive product, which will become a "nature treasure." This time, the allocations will be totally equal and justified.

The existing method enables every country to produce and import the products it consumes. This will not change in the future, and will remain the basis of the world's economy.

The manufacturers in each country make their first attempts towards satisfying the requirements of the local market, and then to export. In this way international trade and the local market develop and will continue to do so. This encourages healthy competition which is the basis for progress and which serves consumer interests in the best way possible. There will be no industrial or national tragedy, if they voluntarily forego the production of one or more items of secondary importance, and instead of them produce one worldwide exclusive to meet the needs of billions of consumers the world over.

The product will be of the highest quality bearing favorable comparison to the current product because of the huge revenues that it will promise for its country of manufacture! Amarilio initially selects products of secondary importance. There is no need to produce artificial exclusivity for products of primary importance, which would send shock waves throughout the world markets and create uncertainty. This danger is not prevalent regarding products of secondary importance, and in addition, it is of no lesser importance because billions of consumers purchase secondary products every day.

It will be very simple for a world center for the fight against poverty and its tragic consequences to choose from millions of products those few that need to be assigned to the individual countries as exclusives.

The product chosen for each country to be its exclusive product to manufacture, will represent economic power that is worth not less and even more in terms of its monetary value, than oil, gold, diamonds or other treasures of countries blessed with natural wealth in them.

This simple product will be sold to billions of consumers and will provide sufficient revenues to win the war against mankind's most important foe, and will also help to encourage healthy rebuilding in the destitute countries and also among destitute areas in the wealthier countries.

Rapid Development of all
Branches of the Economy

Countries will be able to eradicate poverty and its tragic consequences with inestimable efficiency. This is thanks to the huge revenues that will be received from being a world exclusive producer and it will mean the building houses and improved living conditions for those with no roof over their heads, and construction will be able to proceed at a rapid pace. Schools, hospitals, cultural centers, improved highways and road networks will all be made possible and tens of thousands of new jobs will be created, all thanks to one product. Amarilio would like to call the product "the poverty eradicator."

Private manufacturers will not suffer shock waves either, requiring them to give up manufacture of a particular item. They will automatically become distributors of the product that the country imports from abroad. In addition, they will be able to participate, should they wish, in the production of the new exclusive, not to mention the sums they will earn from the sale of their equipment or its transfer by some other means, to the country that has been selected to produce the specific product that they have been producing until now.

Without doubt, the consumers themselves will also benefit from a reduced price for the items imported, because of the mega-manufacture. This manufacture in enormous quantities will guarantee additional investments which will improve the product and reduce its price, because it will save on the enormous investment in competition and promoting it up to now in the countries that have been manufacturing the product. (Occasionally, the investment on advertising and sales campaigns alone, can exceed 50% of the overall price of a product.)

Two Alternative Methods
to Implement the Plan

There are two alternative methods for establishing the plan:

Option 1: Establishment of an independent international organization to fight against poverty and its tragic consequences, where every country will be a member, and which will centralize the activities that concern every aspect of allocation of production and ensure that revenues are, indeed, invested in the war against poverty. A body will be established in every country, to work hand in hand with the international organization to ensure that the organization's decisions are carried out. Investments will be made based on a list of priorities, such as: preparation of a new economic infrastructure for the developing country, construction of homes for the homeless, home improvements for the impoverished and so forth. At the same time, consumer sales and purchasing power among the less fortunate strata of the population will be improved.

The global organization for the fight against poverty and its tragic consequences will ensure the constant manufacture of the "poverty destroyer" products.

Option 2: A special organization to be established together with the global organization for the fight against poverty and its tragic consequences. Each and every country will be members, whose purpose is to utilize the revenues from the "poverty destroyer" products based on a cooperative plan drawn up by the two bodies, and supervised by the global organization.

International Treaty for the War against Poverty and Strengthening of Peace and of Democracy

Every country that participates in the global organization for the fight against poverty and its tragic consequences, will sign the above-mentioned treaty. The treaty will have its roots in this plan.

In the Amarilio Plan, the treaty for the fight against poverty and its tragic consequences, is no less important than the global nuclear disarmament treaty.

While it is true that Japan has borne witness to the death of two hundred thousand people due to atomic bombs, poverty has killed billions of people to date in the cruelest possible of ways. Amarilio holds the belief that every country in the world will sign the treaty in the war against poverty and that every country, as a part of that agreement, will cease production of the "poverty destroyer" products and import them from the countries that have been accorded exclusivity for them.

An important clause of the a treaty will be concerning the enactment of legislation in this matter, which forbids every country to manufacture a product, exclusivity for which has been allocated to another country, and demands that they import it from the exclusive manufacturer.

In order to stress yet again, that this matter does not affect the economic capabilities of any country, we shall examine the exclusive production of sunglasses, a secondary consumer product, the average monthly amount of money spent on which, is some $3, or between $36-100 per year (depending on lifestyle).

Let us suppose that only about two of the six billion people in the world actually use sunglasses. Even this figure would guarantee a small country (like Israel, for example) if she were to be accorded exclusivity of production, a total of some $96 billion per year which would grow annually based on the growth in the number of consumers.

The world has hundreds and thousands of products that can, in principle, be selected as "poverty destroyers" even if their prices are somewhat different. The price calculation needs to be based on dollars per head count for the population of each country that is a signatory to the treaty, in order to ensure a just allocation of the exclusive "poverty destroyer" products to each country and so as not to create a new injustice: For example, no country can be given a global exclusive to produce a specific product that ensures it a larger income that a country with a much larger population than its own.

Currently, manufacturers earn about 100% on the costs of producing a secondary product, since sales and advertising campaigns, as explained above, account for come 50% or more of the price of a product. The Amarilio Plan will have every country earning a net profit of half of the gross revenues from the exclusive "poverty destroyer" product on the world market, and this will also bring down its price. Amarilio proposes that that products selected, as part of the treaty, will cost between $0.50 and $100 per month, depending on the standard of living in the country concerned. The treaty on the war against poverty and its tragic consequences must include a number of clauses:

  • A clause that obligates each and every country to abide by the treaty and a clause that obligates every country to organize sufficient human resources to guarantee the regular production of the exclusive product allocated to the country, as well as to ensure its timely delivery to other countries.

Other clauses that need to be incorporated in the treaty, are as follows:

  • No country will be permitted to close a factory involved in the war against poverty, before another factory has been set up in the country to which the production exclusivity has been allocated The plan will be established in stages in such a way as to ensure that there are absolutely no adverse economic consequences, anywhere in the world.
  • Every country will be able to manufacture its exclusive product anywhere it wishes, and not necessarily in its own country.
  • If a country refuses, for whatever reason, to manufacture the product that is allocated to it as a worldwide exclusive, the product will cease to be a world exclusive and anyone anywhere will be permitted to manufacture it.
  • Another clause to be included in the treaty will cover the prices of the exclusive products, which will be set by the global organization for the war against poverty. Prices will be established based on the prices prior to the product becoming a global exclusive and in no cases, will the new price exceed the previous price unless inflationary measures in the importing country create it..
  • Another clause in the treaty will deal with the negation and removal of duties and taxation on all the exclusive "poverty destruction" products, in every treaty signatory country. It will also forbid the levying of taxes and collections on ships in international waters and seaports, as well as airplanes and all other forms of inland transportation used to deliver the exclusive products from one country to another.
  • There will be a clause to ensure that the profits from the "poverty destruction" product are invested only in pursuit of goals for the war against poverty and any countries contravening this clause will be punished by economic and political sanctions.
  • Another clause in the treaty will ensure that signatories are committed not to resale to a third party, a "poverty destruction" product imported from another country.
  • Should a signatory country decide to impose a boycott on another signatory country, for political reasons or a state of war, the country producing the exclusive item, will not refuse to sell to a third party country so that the third party can sell it on to the country the boycott has been imposed upon.
  • Another clause will deal with transferring goods from port to port and country to country. This can be done by a marine consortium to be established specifically for this purpose, by member countries of the global organization for the war against poverty. Alternatively, the transportation vessel can be considered in certain countries, as the "poverty destruction" product.
  • The same law will apply to marine and air insurance, and so forth, concerning transportation of the exclusive "poverty destroyer" products. If a particular country shows specific hardships and delays during period of production of the "poverty destroyer" products, one of the clauses of the treaty will give member countries the right to establish a similar factory so as to ensure timely delivery of the item based on the Amarilio Plan guidelines.
  • Participation of member nations in the Amarilio Plan will be on a democratic basis using a referendum in the same way as for the European Community.
  • There will also be a clause to ensure that administrative costs and maintenance of the global organization for the war against poverty, will be covered by the wealthier countries, as they too, will benefit from the profits on the "poverty destruction" product, and this will assist them to save huge sums in social welfare payments to the weaker areas of their populations.


We mentioned at the beginning that the plan is dependent on the goodwill of every government in the world. It is they who must accept and operate the Amarilio Plan, whose aim, simply put, is to make every country an exclusive manufacturer for a secondary consumer product - a "poverty destruction" product.

The global organization to be established, will work ceaselessly in the war against poverty and its tragic consequences. Appropriate products will be chosen for manufacture in each country, according to each country's ability to adjust new circumstances that will result from the implementation of the plan. What nature has failed to grant the poorer, underdeveloped countries, man will have a chance and is required to put right.

The brain is what makes things happen. A body without a brain is like dead meat. The minority is a tremendous force if one knows how to make it an exclusive force, which provides services to the majority in a given area. This fact brought Amarilio to the path that developed his plan for a striking and quickly waged war against global poverty and the strengthening of peace.

There are plenty of laboring hands in the poorer countries and in the richer countries that are suffering from lack of employment in parts of their populace. Machinery for the manufacture of "poverty destruction" products exists in every country in the world. Transferring them and bringing them together in a particular country is simple, in comparison with the lofty aims of eradicating poverty. Training workers is also simple. There are technicians and experts who can meet this need.

In fact, everything stays in its place in each country: economics, the political structure. However, from the date of inception of this plan, new blood will start to flow through the arteries of every participating country. This blood will be rich in vitamins and red corpuscles, which will totally change the external appearance, life expectancy and lifestyle. Economies will be strengthened and so will every branch of industry in tandem.

The flow of funds from the "poverty destruction" products will enable the establishment of new jobs in every branch of industry, increase consumer and purchasing power of the masses, and this will also serve the industrialists, traders and service providers in every country who will be able to develop their businesses with the developing countries.

We must not forget the development of the African continent, which, in less than 100 years has developed in leaps and bounds.

Who would have thought, at the start of this century, that the African continent would look as it does today, with scores of modern metropolitan cities that resemble their European counterparts?

Amarilio believes that were it not for the long-lasting wars in Asia, we would also have borne witness to similar development, but despite all this development, the rich have become richer and the poor have become correspondingly poorer.

Poverty has also grown, even in the richer countries, where the level of wealth has peaked. In these countries there are thousands and millions of people who have not even got access to the most principle consumer commodities.

Imagine: two thirds of the Russian nation spends its time standing in long lines stretching back through long streets, in order to obtain consumables, despite the enormous treasures that lie beneath the Russian subsoil, and despite the technological abilities that Russia has to take advantages of these resources. Why is this? Lack of motivation in the Communist era of the workforce, to work. People work but the money simply goes into the pockets of the rich and powerful, who take advantage of their hard work without improving their conditions. This is not just about bourgeois capitalists or communists, but rather, lower ranks on the social ladders that exist in every country.

For example, let the American unemployed produce toothpaste for the two to three billion mankind dispersed throughout the face of the earth, and you will see what miracles can be performed in a wealthy country such as America, as long as those unemployed individuals work on the production of a "poverty destruction" product whose revenues are invested in full, in improving the lot of the poor in their country.

Western Europe is one enormous unlimited market but it will not solve the problems of poverty in Western Europe - on the contrary. Here too, the rich will become richer and the poor, poorer.

It is time for mankind to take the simple and efficient path to solving its basic problems, which cause losses that are unimaginable and which claim lives daily.

Poverty can be overcome and peace strengthened, the sooner the better, and the sooner it happens, the faster mankind will be able to benefit from the beauties of the world and the Lord's gift of life.

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