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Picture: Chebishev

(c) Daniel Amarilio

Please give  Humanity wisdom
To eliminate the Poverty in the World.
So that the rich become richer.
So that no Poverty exists.
So that no  Parent bury his Child.
So that our wonderful Planet is safe.
So that we to live with Joy, in Peace and surrounded by Love.
So that we will glorify You through our short lives, finished even before
being conceived.
So that to hear New prayers coming from every human’s heart,
Which is the same for every Human in this World, independently rich or
poor, white or colored, Abraham or Buddha’s children.
Because I believe only in Goodness..
(Amarilio's Prayer)

Catholic - White Fathers
Located just inside the gate variously called "Lions","St. Stephen's" and "St Mary's"

Jerusalem residents utilized a number of rain-water reservoirs during the Second Temple period, including the double pool called Bethesda. People with a variety of disabilities would linger by the Bethesda pool, for its waters were believed to have magical powers of restoration. Indeed, it is said that an angel flew over the pools once every 24 hours; whoever happened to be inside the water at that time would be miraculously healed!

According to one Christian tradition, the Virgin Mary was born in a cave near the Bethesda pool where her son Jesus would one day perform miracles of faith. The Crusaders believed that a grotto they discovered next to the reservoir ruins was Mary's birthplace, the home of her parents Anne and Joachim. They incorporated the cave into a powerfully impressive church named for Jesus' grandmother and Mary's mother, Anne.

What first strikes the visitor to St Anne's Church is its simplicity, both within the unadorned interior and on the clear clean lines of its facade. Yet there is also a sense of majesty, perhaps lent by the church's stark cross-vaulted ceilings and giant pillars. You may note that the building leans slightly to the side. Although I have never observed this architectural quirk, tour guides who have noticed it claim the tilt is symbolic of Jesus on the cross.

Probably the finest example of Crusader architecture in the Land of Israel, St. Anne's Church possesses amazing acoustics which make even a solitary melodic prayer pervade your being. And when a choir sings in the church the very heavens seem to ring!


Natalia Staikova


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