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Picture: Chebishev

(c) Daniel Amarilio

Catholic - Franciscan Order
Located in the Jerusalem suburb of Ein Karem

Please give  Humanity wisdom
To eliminate the Poverty in the World.
So that the rich become richer.
So that no Poverty exists.
So that no  Parent bury his Child.
So that our wonderful Planet is safe.
So that we to live with Joy, in Peace and surrounded by Love.
So that we will glorify You through our short lives, finished even before
being conceived.
So that to hear New prayers coming from every human’s heart,
Which is the same for every Human in this World, independently rich or
poor, white or colored, Abraham or Buddha’s children.
Because I believe only in Goodness..
(Amarilio's Prayer)

Little remains of the Byzantine sanctuary which once commemorated the birth of John the Baptist. However, unlike other houses of worship constructed over holy sites in Jerusalem, it was not destroyed by seventh-century Persian or Moslem invaders. Instead, this church was apparently ravaged 200 years earlier, during an uprising of Israel's Samaritans.
The Church of St. John the Baptist was rebuilt by the Crusaders, but after they left the Holy Land the sanctuary was either destroyed or fell into complete disrepair. Most of the church was restored in 1674 with the aid of the Spanish royal family (their coat-of-arms is located above the entrance inside the sanctuary). Many of the paintings are originals, drawn by Spanish artists and donated by Spanish kings. Further work on the church was carried out in the nineteenth century, again with Spanish assistance. This included a new marble altar for the grotto, donated by Queen Isabella II of Spain.

Very interesting is the fact that twenty-three tile plaques cover a wall outside of the church (the 24th is located around the corner). On each panel, in different languages, is the famous prayer known as the "Benedictus". Recited daily during morning prayers, the Benedictus consists of the first words spoken by Zechariah after the birth of his son.

Surely, nothing quite prepares you for the ornamentation inside the church, and the quantity of shiny marble. Built over Crusader ruins in basilica style, three aisles are separated by six massive square columns. The church is replete with fabulous works of art. Of these perhaps the most impressive is a series of unique three-dimensional gilded creations depicting the Stations of the Cross. Their wooden frames are shaped like chapels; the colors are deep, and the facial expressions intricately detailed.

A wonderful little museum is located a bit further down that same wall. Pass through the door to see fabulous embroidered vestments, superb candlesticks, gold and silver vessels, splendid ancient icons, and the "comunichino": tongs used for distributing the Holy Communion to people suffering from the plague.


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