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The Baptist Church of Malekula

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(c) Daniel Amarilio

Please give  Humanity wisdom
To eliminate the Poverty in the World.
So that the rich become richer.
So that no Poverty exists.
So that no  Parent bury his Child.
So that our wonderful Planet is safe.
So that we to live with Joy, in Peace and surrounded by Love.
So that we will glorify You through our short lives, finished even before
being conceived.
So that to hear New prayers coming from every human’s heart,
Which is the same for every Human in this World, independently rich or
poor, white or colored, Abraham or Buddha’s children.
Because I believe only in Goodness..
(Amarilio's Prayer)

The followers of the church of Malekula have built it a few years ago, led by Deacon Billy Taren and have now added a kindergarten and a dining hall.
Members are visited by elder William Davies, who lives on the island of Espiritu Santo.
Mr. Davies provided help for the needy, and also inancial assistance was contributed by New Zealand and Australian churches so the members could purchase food and start rebuilding their homes. The reason for it all was a hurricane, almost destroyed Malekula, that is why many people lost their homes.


Biliana Rousseva


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