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Nineth Anniversary

Amarilio's  Antivirus for the “Jerusalem Syndrome”

“Whenever man thinks of Jerusalem, (no matter where he happens to be), he should that the God of the Jewish people, who gave the Covenant of Abraham our Forefather, to the Christians and Muslims

Daniel Amarilio


Daniel Amarilio’s plan for Jerusalem is simple. This plan requires some hundred square meters between East Jerusalem and West Jerusalem. This area will provide the Site for the Union between the Jewish people and the Monotheistic World.

In this some hundred square meter area, the Theological Abraham’s state “Halleluya”– the Spiritual Largest State in the World with close to three billion believers - will be established.

The Amarilio Plan, will ensure its eternal security and develop it in worldly metropolitan dimensions.

In this way, Jerusalem will become the spiritual capital of the world as it enters the third millennium.

Close to three billion people - Christians and Muslims, belief in the Old Testament and the covenant of Abraham our forefather. This is a simple truth and it is difficult to deny its existence.

Until the establishment of the State of Israel, the Jewish people accepted this reality. Not only with agreement of a kind of fatalistic acceptance of the unpreventable, but it was unable, because of its dispersal throughout the Diaspora, to respond and persuade.

However, when the State of Israel was established, things should have changed.

Amarilio uses the phrase “things should have changed” guardedly. They not only did not change, but things got the worse.

The Jerusalem Problem is not a Genuine Political Problem

Yes, the Jerusalem problem is a pseudo-political problem. Many countries in the world have, over many years past, had capitals other than the cities that serve as their capitals today. Let us take an example, from the current century – the year 1945, when Bonn was declared as the capital of Germany, in place of Berlin. Capital – is the city that the politicians declare as the capital, not the religious. The capital is not declared by a religious authority.

Even the Vatican was built by the Italians, and the other countries agreed, in order to separate religion from State and let it have its own, autonomous territory, where it could dedicate itself to the service of G-d, without embittering the lives of the atheists or broad-minded. In this way, there are political capitals of the world and there is a religious spiritual center, which is not a capital. “Halleluya” with some hundred square meters of its own space, will be based on the same principle and will be, as Amarilio puts it, a cultural and spiritual center for billions of people, in just the same way as economic and industrial centers and so forth (in much the same way as the enormous city of New York, for example, is not the capital of the U.S., but rather the smaller city of Washington).

Despite this fact, efforts are being made to make Jerusalem the joint capital of Israel and Palestine.

Amarilio stresses:

The problem is not a genuine political problem, but rather, a spiritual one. It has no real political basis, whatsoever.

Throughout history, Jerusalem has never served as the capital of any other people than the Jews.

The Palestinians are trying to move in this direction for completely different reasons, which reflect expansionist ambitions. From a political point of view, if they pursue those ambitions come what may, they will suffer untold destruction.

In the book, “Halleluya – the Peace State in Jerusalem” the Jewish hero, Moses, does not divide Jerusalem. He simply establishes a city within it called “Halleluya,” a city covering an area of a some hundred square meters and inhabited by some one thousand religious inhabitants of the three main faiths. The head of the city is a Jew - the Chief Rabbi, and the city is under the aegis of the State of Israel. Its security is the responsibility of the Israel Defense Forces. In this way, Moses, the hero of the story, establishes the moral and spiritual center of the monotheist world – in the most correct location that could possible be – where a large portion of mankind received its basic and moral values from the Jewish people, values which will be current for thousands of years to come.

Why not Internationalize Jerusalem

It is forbidden to change Jerusalem into an international city. This contradicts mankind’s most elementary values. It would take us back to the most shameful periods of the history of mankind: the Inquisition, the pogroms and aggressive racism, and would strengthen religious fanaticism.

Internationalizing Jerusalem would be sure to boomerang on those who want to do it. It will also form a basis for murder and anti-Semitism. It is morally criminal: How is it possible to change Jerusalem into an international entity when it is the very capital that gave this world the belief in one G-d! G-d himself will not forgive those who crusade for its internationalization and will punish them in the cruelest manner imaginable. Why? Because the peoples of the world did not know how to declare the people of Israel as the people that gave them half of their religion, and moreover, that Jerusalem is the heart of each and every Jew as well as the Jewish nation as a whole.

The Initiatives should come Only from Israel

For more than fifty years, not one Israeli government has taken any initiative to bring to an end, the world’s boorishness towards Israel’s eternal capital, Jerusalem.

Israel has beautified tourist cities such as Eilat, Caeserea, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and others but has never addressed the basic historical truth: the need to draw to Israel its half brothers and sisters from the two other religions. There has been a complete lack of information and even greater lack of persuasion. It is Israel itself, that has created an enormous vacuum over the question of Jerusalem and if Israel does not act immediately, it will find itself under threat of overthrow from within this vacuum.

The initiatives must come from Israel (and not from the Christians and Muslims) so as not to enable others to try and make alternative, anti-Israel, anti-Semitic, anti-Jewish proposals. Israel must immunize religion from politics and keep the two separate.

Other democracies in the world did this long before us and they are no less religious than Israel. The Italians, Spanish (a very catholic people) Americans and English, all of Europe, all of America, Africa and Asia, made the differentiation between religion and politics. Only modern, hi-tech Israel has done nothing about it. Amarilio believes: Just as one has to be brave to make peace, so do Israel’s politicians need to be brave to make the separation between religion and politics and apportion the three religions an autonomous city (suited to carry a name like “Halleluya”) where they can administer to their joint faiths and build peace among the religions.

Huge Tourist Value from The Abraham State - Halleluya City in Jerusalem

The establishment of the Halleluya City in Jerusalem will change it into a tourist attraction of worldwide significance. Amarilio’s book, “Halleluya - the Peaceful City in Jerusalem,” has the hallmarks of Halleluya City. These include an enormous tower of the three faiths, the anthem, flag, its own postage stamps, guard of honor and so on and so forth.

“Halleluya” will, he believes, draw millions of tourists per year. In order to establish the location’s identity, Israel must establish “Halleluya City” without delay, even if it has to do so alone. Afterwards, the Christian and Muslim partners will always be found to enter holy Halleluya.

We do not have to behave like a ostrich and dig our heads and necks deep into the sand: There will be no other solution to the problem of the holy sites in Jerusalem.

The Anti-virus Method

The anti-virus method is a very simple one. One takes the virus tissue that causes death, weakens it extensively and the body is then restored to health. This method is applicable in almost every walk of life. In his book, “It is so easy to defeat poverty in this world” his heroes do the same thing. In order to bring about an end to poverty in the world, they took the virus of exclusivity of production of a single product and considerably weakened it, and afterwards the same exclusivity cured the poor people of every country. How? – When every country in the world received from the heroes of its book (in fact, the U.N.), in addition to its current production, exclusivity of production for an item of the simplest nature, for six billion people, from which all the revenues are devoted to the eradication of poverty in each and every country in the world. This is how the exclusivity virus made a serum to serve as the antivirus of poverty. So it is with Jerusalem. We will describe, for comparison’s sake, a scenario where a killer virus has eaten it and the three religions. It is simple to manufacture the anti-virus that will cure it. Before the State of Israel, a similar thing was done by Italy: It built the Vatican in an area of 400 square meters, with a few hundred Catholic religious servants and other Catholic countries breathed a sigh of relief. This released them from the Inquisition, and from the ungainly interference of religion in politics. In the “Halleluya City”, scores of institutions for religious outreach, as the basis for peace in the Middle East and the fight against poverty in the world, will be built. “Halleluya City” will contribute to the distancing of war. We are entering the third millennium. There are less than one hundred days left to the start of the third millennium – this must be the millennium that sees the creation of “Halleluya.”

Why it is good for the Jews

The establishment of the “Halleluya City” on a very small area between east and west Jerusalem with autonomous status, and under the aegis of the State of Israel, will be a good thing for the Jews. This will remove the thorn from religious extremism, from the Christian, Muslim and Jewish fundamentalists. With the establishment of “Halleluya City”, our capital will be duly recognized as territory that will never again be declared as a “causa belli”. Just as the Vatican was not attacked during the Second World War, neither will Jerusalem be. In today’s world of rockets and atomic warheads, “Halleluya” will ensure that no substantial area of Israel attacked by such killer warfare . It is worth mentioning that during the Gulf War, not one Iraqi rocket fell anywhere near Jerusalem (even without the establishment of “Halleluya”).

The establishment of “Halleluya” will give all three religions huge revenues from tourism. Israel will become a world focus. Its reputation will grow the world over. Jerusalem with “Halleluya” will become the recognized capital of Israel, the world over. Jerusalem will develop as a modern metropolitan city of international standing.

Why it is good for the Christians

The Christian world has recently begun asking forgiveness from the Jewish people and condemning anti-Semitism. With the establishment of the “Halleluya City” in Jerusalem, the need for internationalization will be eradicated. The Christians will show the world that they have finally learnt something from history, and that there is no force in the world that can deny that they are half-brothers of the Jews when the basis for their religion lies in is Judaism itself.

Today, they are far removed from Jerusalem and if they one day wish to return, they need to send a representative to “Halleluya City”, and not to conquer Jerusalem as their Christian predecessors have done a number of times throughout history, in blood-spilling episodes. This time, it will happen without war, without enmity, without violence, but with honest agreement and deep respect for the Jewish people. (There are still people in the world who call us the chosen people) All this, in a some square meter area called “Halleluya City”.

Why it is good for the Muslims

The Muslims do not have three options, rather two: they can either live in peace with the Jews or die in war.

In today’s world where one can destroy the whole world with hydrogenium and atomic warheads, the balance between Israel and the Arab world will one day be based on this satanic power. The fear of total destruction.

Only an unbalanced satanic leader would be mad enough to upset the balance. Amarilio hopes that the international community will try to prevent such a danger in time. Can the entire Middle East be turned into a valley of death, including Egypt and Libya? There is no logical way that this can be conscionable. Israel is a country that does not have the power to overrun another. It only has the power to deal a deathblow to an aggressor. Israel does not constitute a threat to the existence of any neighboring country. On the other hand, the Arab countries may not destroy Israel: This will bring about the total destruction of the Middle East from the face of the earth. Even distant areas of Africa, Europe (if the attack comes from there).

With the scenario like that, the most logical thing for the Muslims would be to give some respect to the Jews. They owe that to the Jews. Israel, with the establishment of “Halleluya City” in Jerusalem (according to Amarilio’s book), will invite the Muslims to participate in the running of “Halleluya.” Including the Christians. It will be a kind of triumvirate formed out of representatives of the three main monotheistic faiths. In this way, Islam will enter the third millennium as part of the modern, advanced, tolerant world. It will be more respected that it is today, by the Americans and the Europeans, who will become even more powerful in the first century of the third millennium.


The Jerusalem Institute has presented Israeli governments with a little less than one hundred proposals for the solution of the Jerusalem problem. None of these proposals bears any resemblance to the solution that Amarilio has proposed. The establishment of “Halleluya” will not affect the independence of any country, nor will it affect the sovereignty of any country, or take space from Jerusalem.

Jerusalem will not be divided. From the virus itself, Israel will create the antivirus it needs. And this will be the most effective solution in the war against this illness that threatens the entire Middle East. The “Jerusalem Syndrome” has accounted for millions of casualties and tragedies during the last two thousand years. The only way to kill the virus that causes the “Jerusalem Syndrome” is to create the anti-virus from the virus itself. What works for medicine, can work for the health of the entire world from sicknesses that are not sicknesses.

Daniel Amarilio ( Resume )


TEL AVIV,12 Poria street Tel Aviv, 68114 , Tel. 972-3-6826 551.. Fax 972-3-6813 121

Amarilio has founded six newspapers in Israel, all of which he edited himself :

  1. Israel Today ( Daily - English)
  2. Tribune (Daily - Russian)
  3. Israel Aujourd’hui (Daily – French)
  4. Israel Nachrichten (Daily - German)
  5. Israelsky Far (Daily - Bulgarian)
  6. Oy in Israel (Daily - Spanish )

He has published 40 books, most of them bestsellers. At the same time he continued to learn music and voice psychology in Italy and France.

In 1961, Amarilio founded the Israel Camping and Touring Club (in Israel, today, 1.5 million Campers).He preside this Club during 15 years and represent Israel in the “ La Federation Internationale de Camping et de Caravaning in Swiss.

In 1964, he organized and hosted a conference and World Rally of the International Camping and Caravaning federation at the Exhibition Gardens in Tel Aviv. Hi successful organization at the event earned him international prizes.

In 1970, Amarilio signed an agreement with Eurocard to operate Eurocard, Master Charge Card and other credits cards to Israel. Since the, Visa, Isracard and other credit cards have started operations.

In 1990, Amarilio started work on a simple formula to eradicate poverty the world over.

He founded and wrote during 5 years The Israeli Encyclopaedia for Consumers.

In 1995, Amarilio wrote his book, “Halleluya – The World Peace State in the City of Jerusalem.” This book provides the only solution and the most likely scenario for finding a solution to the religious problem facing Israel’s capital.

In 1997, his book “It is so Easy to Defeat Poverty in This World” was published. The book has been distributed worldwide amongst academics.

In 2000, Amarilio wrote his three books “ 999 Hints to a Golden Life “ – Trilogy. At the same time he presented a Plan to save hundreds of millions of children from death of hunger.

Amarilio has written 12,000 major articles on a variety of topics: economics, sociology, politics, media, human relations, and so forth.

He is unmatched in his proliferation of articles by any journalist in Israel today.

In 2000, well known professors and sociologists began to adopt his simple plan for solution of the world’s poverty problem. The program has be presented to the World Bank.

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