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$6 billion a month to be easily raised, to save impoverished children.

“Every moment, somewhere in the world,
a child dies of hunger - and with him, a whole world dies too.”

Daniel Amarilio

This program will enable the establishment of
a different world from the one we know today:
a world that is aware and closer to God.


    According the United Nations’ statistical data and that of other sources, there are more than one billion impoverished children “alive” in the world today. Amarilio calls these children “dead” children.

    He calls them “dead” children because they are sentenced to die even while they are still in the wombs of their impoverished mothers (who hardly earn half a dollar per day, to feed their families, which are sometimes as large as eight souls). This fact was a silent secret until one decade ago and was known only to a small group of people at the United Nations and other bodies.

    Today, everyone who surfs the Internet can see the startling truth: there are tens of thousands of sites that show the state of impoverishment of the world. Officially, there are one billion impoverished people; unofficially, this number exceeds one and a half billion. This is a little less than one third of mankind. At this point, it should be noted, in order to make an absurd point, that 400 the families of billionaires in the world earn between them, as much as the cumulative total earned by half of mankind. “Humanitarian” is a word, the use of which is often fraudulent. It is used as a smokescreen in order to hide the terrible truth - that the world in which we live today, is a very cruel world, a word of “Pontus Pilatus.” Why? - “Because,” - Amarilio says, - “the world that really can help and save millions of children from certain death, does nothing and does not draw up any true solutions.” What the world does at the moment is too little, too late. It is so easy to save a child. It only needs goodwill and super-motivation, not only mercy. Amarilio has found what will create this super-motivation to save the world’s impoverished children.

 Once a Month - $6 Billion Dollars for Impoverished Children

    Amarilio points to the fact that in many countries in the world, there is a weekly national lottery, making four such lotteries a month. The current first prize is, on average, between one and two million dollars per week on an annual basis. (In a few countries, this average is larger). The lotteries draw billions of people, the world over to try their luck, and instills in them a super-motivation to buy lottery tickets. There are people who buy as many as 20 tickets for their national lotteries, which contribute wonderful things to their countries: clubs, educational and sporting institutions, cultural centers, hospitals and clinics and many others.

    About one half, or more of the lottery earnings are used for humanitarian national goals. The remainder goes on prizes and to cover costs. Amarilio asks: “If this is the case, why cannot an international covenant be declared that will establish a monthly lottery worldwide, (the fifth monthly lottery in every country) in order to save the lives of more than one and a half billion impoverished children?” IS THERE A MORE WORTHY CAUSE THAN THIS!!

    With the declaration of a monthly worldwide lottery, the United Nations, or another suitable institution will succeed in raising sums that the entire world has never been able to raise in any other way. Based on the calculations done by Amarilio, the worldwide lottery will earn at the very least, between $6-10 billion a month, if only two billion people participate in it (who knows what would happen if three billion were to participate?), purchasing tickets at an average price of between $2-3 or more, in wealthier countries, $2 in the developing countries and smaller amounts in the poorer countries. The motivation to purchase tickets in the worldwide lottery will be huge due to the first prize that Amarilio is suggesting - $200 million, and the secondary prizes will also be far larger than the national secondary prizes. When the first prize is $200 million, there is no doubt that the sales at the lottery stands will be one hundred times larger than the national lotteries. This is a very natural phenomenon, that is suited to human nature and it is this, that will help to save millions of impoverished children in the world, from death.

 Saving a Single Child is Like Saving an Entire World

    The Amarilio Plan for the establishment of a monthly worldwide lottery will not only help impoverished children, but much more than that: When a child dies, a whole world dies with him. Let us not forget that the six billion people alive in the world today are the children of Adam and Eve.

    If the impoverished children begin eating and learning because of the world lottery, this will be a development for the whole of mankind - when these children grow up, they will contribute to develop. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO JUSTIFIABLE REASON TO REJECT THE ESTABLISHMENT OF A WORLDWIDE LOTTERY:

    1. First of all, it will be good for the lottery participants: the first prize and the secondary prizes will be significantly larger than those of the national lottery.
    2. It will be much better for every nation: it will provide better income for many hundreds of thousands of families worldwide, that are employed in the lottery industry.
    3. The worldwide lottery will strengthen international cooperation because of the sanctity of the goals of saving impoverished children from certain death.
    4. The worldwide lottery will also influence the strengthening of world peace.
    5. The worldwide lottery will improve the general health of mankind, many of whom currently suffer from under-nourishment.

    If we look at what will happen in every medium-sized country in the world (e.g. Israel) every month when the prize comes to $5 million, we can easily understand that Amarilio is correct: The revenues that will be received and thus, facilitate a prize of $200 million once a month, are truly likely to eradicate, at the very least, the poverty suffered by the world’s children who are dying from hunger. And this is not because of mankind’s “merciful” nature or that of the countries of the world, but rather, a result of the enticement of the prize itself.

    The lottery-playing public will welcome the Amarilio Plan with open arms, which is easily understood because there are already lotteries the world over and as the prize increases, so does the participation.

 Many Ways of Implementing the Amarilio Plan

    There are many ways to implement the Amarilio Plan to establish a worldwide lottery for impoverished children, but any option chosen, must be supported by an International Covenant. Amarilio has put forward a number of ideas:
    1. After expenses have been covered, every country will transfer the proceeds to the United Nations, the World Bank, International Monetary Fund or some other institution that will be responsible for the correct usage of the funds and implement the Amarilio Plan to provide a free meal a day for every impoverished child, the world over.
    2. The body established, will plan investments for impoverished children in the world, in a proportional manner: according to their number in each and every country.
    3. As mentioned, the fund to be established, will amount to more than $70 billion annually which requires the International Covenant to specifically define the precise manner in which the funds are to be distributed, and their use monitored. The major goal is to reduce the administrative overhead as much as possible. (The way things are currently being done, most of the money invested in the war against poverty, is eaten by fat salaries).
    4. Another option is to establish projects to fight the war against poverty among children as part of a published and annually predetermined plan, rather than allocating sums of money directly.
 Effective International Covenant
 to Save Desperately Impoverished Children

    There are many covenants designed to save impoverished children, but in fact, they are ineffective. The main reason for this is lack of the essential motivation required by their implementers. Today, every program is based on and linked to the “merciful” nature of mankind’s extremely cruel world. It is sufficient to cite two examples from the last decade of the last century of the millennium which is now coming to its close: These examples do not come from Asia or Africa, but from Europe. The cases concerned are Bosnia and Kosovo. Until the “humanitarian” world decided to give a helping hand to these two countries, thousands of innocent children were either put to death, or died of starvation, proving yet again that mankind does not know how to provide a helping hand at the right time and in the right manner, but rather, only after the piles of dead and murdered corpses, many of them children, have piled up. (In East Timor, the same thing happened).

    The worldwide lottery will be operated by the national lottery of every country participating in the covenant. The national lottery mechanism will be used to distribute worldwide lottery tickets and there will be no need to establish a new mechanism.

    The worldwide lottery will operate on the same criteria of income and expenditure.

    Prizes will be won by winners from all countries and the national lotteries will distribute the prizes won in their countries.

    It is possible to divide the first prize of $200 million into four equal prizes of $50 million. The same applies to the large secondary prizes.

    The time has come, as we enter the start of the third millennium, that we should really learn to be humanitarian and how to solve the world’s poverty problems using the most effective means and huge sums not raised out of “mercy.”


    Why is this good for every country?

    The worldwide lottery will be good for all countries in the world, especially the wealthier and developing countries in which a larger number of tickets will be sold than in the poorer countries. The conclusion to be drawn from this is that the money that flows to benefit impoverished children in the world, will originate from the wealthier and developing countries, which is very morally right, since those same countries will not be harmed in any way by the worldwide lottery. In every country, including the countries participating in the worldwide lottery, the impoverished children who are currently dying of starvation, will be the only beneficiaries. There is no country in the world that does not have impoverished malnutrition-ridden children. Such children exist even in the United States and Israel (about 600,000). This is the first goal of the Amarilio Plan - to eradicate this situation and provide a meal a day for every impoverished child in the world.

    Why is this good for the United Nations?

    The Amarilio Plan for the eradication of worldwide child poverty is very good for the United Nations, whose own financial situation is very bad, meaning that it has difficulties in carrying out its programs. The United Nations requires billions of dollars and without the contribution of the United States, it is almost paralyzed. All its efforts to raise funds have failed and many countries owe it money. The Amarilio Plan must operate through either the International Monetary Fund or the World Bank, or both of them together, as they are closely connected to the United Nations. This will ensure the success of this very solid plan, and enable the United Nations to be proud of its achievements.


Funding for the Global Amarilio Plan
for Eradication of Poverty Worldwide

Amarilio has drafted a plan for eradication of poverty worldwide using economic measures (not philanthropic ones). To fund his start-up, Amarilio’s Plan requires substantial sums to carry out surveys in every country. For these reasons, the Amarilio Plan requires that every country participating in the worldwide lottery plan provide one percent of its lottery revenues to implement the worldwide plan for the eradication of poverty.


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